Around one third of UK bloggers risk getting the sack

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Be warned – your employers might be reading your blog. And if you’re not careful, your posting could get you the sack.

That’s the warning from human resources company Croner, which has conducted a survey on blogging and the workplace amongst 2,000 people. According to the company, derogatory or damaging remarks about a workplace, boss or colleagues could lead to dismissal through gross misconduct. Around 39% said they had made such comments.

According to Gillian Dowling, technical consultant at Croner: “If there is a negative impact on the organisation’s corporate image which is so serious that it breaches the implied term of mutual trust and confidence, the employee could be dismissed for gross misconduct. The blog could also be evidence of other conduct issues or reveal workplace discrimination or bullying.”

Ms Dowling added that bloggers could also get sacked for mentioning confidential information or revealing financial data.

You have been warned.

Croner website

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