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Apple has filed a patent for an iPod with a display on top and touch sensitive input on the bottom.

The patent was filed on 5 January this year and states that the screen on handheld devices like the iPod is too small for effective touch control.

“Although a touch-screen interface could be embedded in or overlaid on the display, the use of even a single finger for input may occlude a significant portion of the display or cover more than a single operational control element,” the filing states, as reported by AppleInsider.

“While this problem could be mitigated by limiting the touch area to a portion of the display screen (e.g., the display edges where horizontal or vertical motion could emulate slider controls), a single finger could still cover a substantial amount of the useful display area.”

In order to tackle the problem – and also avoid greasy finger marks on the display – the filing proposes using the underside of the device for input. “A force-sensitive touch-surface is provided on a first or back-side surface of the device through which a user provides input (e.g., cursor manipulation and control element selection/activation),” the company wrote. “On a second or front-side surface, a display element is used to present one or more control elements and a cursor that is controlled through manipulation of the back-side touch-surface.”

The filing states that the software could overlay a click wheel on the display, which corresponds to the area beneath the device where you need to move your finger to operate it.

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One thought on “Apple patent for touchscreen iPod

  • Boring. Sony Clie TH55 (I think that’s the model number). Had controls on the back. So what if they weren’t touchscreen: Apple didn’t invent that.

    But another thing for the iSheep and sycophantic tech sites to claim as another Jobs revolution.

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