AIGO's Cool Box handheld games device

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coolbox.jpgRound my way, a cool box is what you put your sarnies in to keep them nice and fresh for a picnic. Not in AIGO’s opinion though. Cool Box is the firm’s new handheld gaming device, which has just been unveiled at the CHITEC 2007 exhibition.

It sports an unorthodox design though: the D-pad on the left of its screen is standard, but there’s three rather than four buttons on the right: A, B and, er, M. Even more intriguingly, the device has a camera built in, on its back.

There’s also what appears to be a memory card slot, while the shots of the accompanying marketing materials mentioning MP3 playback too. No news on who’s making games for the Cool Box and how you’ll get them onto the device, or indeed whether it’s slated for a release outside the Asia-Pacific region.

You won’t be throwing your PSP or DS away just yet, then. But it’ll be intriguing to see more details on AIGO’s games gadget as they emerge.

AIGO Cool Box press release – Chinese lang (via AVING USA)

Stuart Dredge
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