Yamada HTV-200XU stereo system with seven-inch LCD screen

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With property prices still booming, we’re all destined to spend most of our earnings on rooms no bigger than a box. But don’t worry, gadget makers are adapting to our future surroundings.

This Yamada HTV-200XU stereo system saves you the space needed for a TV – because it packs in a seven-inch LCD screen and TV tuner, along with support for DivX, DVDs and MPEG4 files, along with 5.1 output. And if you tire of the small screen, you can hook it up to big TV – if you ever find room for one.

You can also add CD burning, MP3 playback, photo viewing, FM radio, USB connectivity and 30 watts of RMS power.

Expect to pay around 220 Euros.

Yamada website

Via Engadget

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  • To rip CDs onto mp3 usb.
    Inserd CD,Press Play,Then Press Subtitle.
    Easy,when you know how?

  • This is a great sistem but can you please tell me how it can rip CDs as stated on several websites?
    I can find no way of transfering CDs to USB storage.

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