Yahoo launching legal lyrics site


yahoo-logo.jpgYahoo has teamed up with Gracenote for a big ‘ol sing-song. The deal allows it to offer the largest catalogue of legal, licensed song lyrics from Gracenote to users of its Yahoo Music site. It’s like Smash Hits never happened.

The agreement covers hundreds of thousands of songs from the five major labels. From today users will be able search through the database of lyrics from the Yahoo Music site just by entering a partial line from a song.

“You mean Bob Dylan isn’t actually saying ‘The ants, my friend, are in a bowling pin?'” said old wheeze Ian Rogers, general manager of Yahoo Music. “Finally, a free, legal and definitive way to settle a bet with the guy sitting next to you at the bar who is certain the Ramones’ most famous anthem declares, ‘I wanna piece of bacon.'”

Lyrics will feature in the Music Search, Artist Pages and Top Songs areas of the site.

Will Head
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