Twitter to get new groups features soon

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twitterati.jpgMicro-blogging service Twitter is a Web 2.0 phenomenon, but how will it evolve? Well, features for groups of users are “on the radar” according to Twitter developer Alex Payne, who also reckons the service shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for blogging.

Maybe it’ll replace CNN though: today, influential blogger Robert Scoble reported that he first heard about today’s Mexico City earthquake on, yes, Twitter. Meanwhile, if you fancy browsing through the Twittersphere (I just made that term up, obviously), check the nifty Twitterment search engine.

All these links come from Shiny Media’s new blog Twitterati, by the way, which aims to cover all things Twitter-related, including rival micro-blogging services like Jaiku. Yes, it has got its own Twitter feed too…

Stuart Dredge
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