Top 10 Twitter spin-off applications and services

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twittervision.jpgHave you got the Twitter bug yet? The ‘micro-blogging’ platform is taking the Web 2.0 world by storm, as Techscape explained last week.

Besides picking up users in their thousands, the service is spawning its own ecosystem of spin-off applications and services, from mobile clients and desktop updaters through to whizzy mash-ups with Google Maps.

There are already dozens to choose from, but here’s a selection of ten of the most intriguing, with links to read more from Techscape’s Twitter Special. Read on for all the details.

1. Twitterrific. Mac OS X application that’s sleek and minimal, and lets you check on friends’ posts (‘tweets’) and post your own, without cluttering your desktop. Read more

2. Twitterlicious. Basically Twitterrific (above) but for Windows, offering the same blend of easy reading/updating, but for PC users. Read more

3. Twittervision / Twittersearch. Two services from the same people. Twittervision plots recent tweets on a big Google Map of the world, while Twittersearch lets you enter a search phrase and see all recent tweets mentioning it. Yes, I know this makes this a Top 11… Read more

4. Twitterbox. A Twitter client for Second Life, so you can read friends’ tweets and post your own from within Linden Labs’ virtual world. Zeitgeist-tastic! Read more

5. Tiny Twitter. Small but perfectly-formed Java application for mobile phones, which lets you post tweets and check on your friends. It’s bare-bones, but right now, that’s what keen Twitterers need. Read more

6. Twitterfeed. Turns your blog’s RSS feed into tweets at pre-defined intervals. Could tempt commercial blogs as well as personal bloggers. Read more

7. Post To Twitter. Another simple one, this – it’s a Firefox plugin that lets you post tweets from the dropdown search box at the top of the browser. Read more

8. WHERE GPS Twitter widget. Part of the WHERE GPS widgets service for phones in the US, if you’ve got a GPS-enabled handset, this adds your location to your tweets posted on the go. Read more

9. TwitterBuzz. This online service tracks the links that people are posting on Twitter, sorting them by popularity and giving you hourly or weekly views. Read more

10. Twitteromatic. Another OS X application, this, but it lets you with one click post what you’re listening to in iTunes, what URL you’re looking at in Firefox or Safari, and a bunch of other variables. Read more

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  • Try out twitterlights, an easy way to highlight snippets and send tweets in one click. Twitterlights comes from i-Lighter, and serves as both a useful Twitter tool and an introduction to i-Lighter’s broad capabilities.

  • Spoonch. The Web TV Hunter is born

    It is no longer a secret, Twitter is revolutionizing the Web 2.0 with this simple question: What are you doing?…

    This simple application -though absurd for many people- allows you to be connected to your contacts community in a convenient and addictive manner, as it helps you to communicate and share knowledge in real time, without being tied down to mandatory questions or participations. Twitter is the ideal tool to communicate in a 2.0 world and, with its new formula to understand web communications, it opens a great many communication windows, new tools and new business models based on its application.

    Spoonch is born from this new 2.0 communication trend leaded by Twitter. It is a new project launched by the Nezcom lab and developed in collaboration with Teknik and Gonzalo Martín.

    Spoonch is a global project and is also based on a simple question to its users: What are you watching on the Web TV?

    The suggestions individually made by “Spoonchers” through a small text and a link, helps Spoonch create a Twitter channel with recommendations on the most interesting programmes… In other words, a 2.0 TV guide in real time but it will soon become a remote control to watch TV on the Internet and not get lost among hundreds of possibilities.

    Spoonch, in its first version, also has a very dynamic Blog which is to become a reference of the premiers on the Web TV listings.

    Its promoters want to explore in further versions, any business lines that may arise through applying their distribution model, putting in motion the theory of its creator, the Concept Designer Joan Jiménez: “Publicity in a 2.0 world must rebuild itself as Knowledge through Information and Leisure”.

    At a historical moment where advertisers keep pressurizing harder and harder their agencies to reach the new niches created by the Web 2.0, and as Internet TV proposals spread at top speed, Spoonch goes for an irreplaceable positioning: distribution by word of mouth.

    The future of this new web and community world is for whoever wins the 6 degrees of trust in each user… Spoonch is born in an aim to help you choose what to watch on the Web TV… Spoonch it!
    [email protected]

  • A new one is Mobypicture (

    With Mobypicture, you can post twitter updates from your mobile phone and email client including photos!
    You can also setup your account so the photos are automatically placed in your Flickr account.

    The best part of course is that you can show your friends where you are and what you’re doing instead of having to type and you can do so while you’re on the road!

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