Stuck in a boring meeting? Read your email instead

Mobile phones

blackberry8800.jpgIf you’ve been holding a meeting and found you’ve had to compete with the allure of mobile email for your colleagues’ attention, you’re not alone.

A survey of senior executives found that 86 percent said it was common for people to check their mail during a meeting using a BlackBerry or Treo. A third of them weren’t very happy about the practice and were somewhat irked by their fellow worker’s behaviour.

More people – 37 percent – thought it was alright to reply if the message was urgent, though quite how you find out if the message is urgent before reading it is a bit of a mystery. Only a fifth thought that you should make your excuses and leave before tapping out a reply.

So are people getting addicted to handheld email or is it just a reaction to listening to someone drone on for hours on end about mindless topics?

The survey was conducted by Robert Half Management Resources and quizzed 150 senior executives about their experience of mobile email.

Will Head
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