Sony unveils latest sat nav range – NV-U82, NV-U92T, NV-U72T and NV-U52

Satellite Navigation systems

Sony has officially unveiled its latest sat nav devices – the NV-U82, NV-U92T, NV-U72T and NV-U52.

Both the NV‑U82 and NV‑U92T have a depth of just 20mm and feature a 4.8-inch touch screen with wide-angle viewing. They also use Sony’s Position Plus technology for uninterrupted routing even when GPS signals are temporarily compromised (for example, if you’re in a tunnel or under trees). The NV-U72T and NV-U52 feature 3.5-inch touch screens, with an anti-glare coating and an anti-finger print layer. There’s also an all-in-one cradle and suction cup that folds into the body for easy transportation.

The NV-U82 and NV-U52 are pre-loaded with individual country maps stored in its internal 512MB Flash memory. The NV-U92T and NV-U72T have 2GB of Flash memory with maps of Western Europe. The NV-U92T and NV-U72T also feature real-time traffic information. All of the new models also offer key points en route, fuel stations and points of interest. This Dynamic Routing Information is displayed on the same screen alongside the conventional map view.

The NV-U82 and NV-U92T will be available in UK from late spring 2007, with the NV-U72T and NV-U52 available in the UK from early summer 2007.

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  • Hello there,
    just reading your review and yep me to, im having problems with the software.
    I bought my sat nav at the sony shop, was told it would be compatable with vista, guess what, its not.
    I, like you, went to sony support, read that most sony products are compatable with vista, this is rubbish, I have tried everything.
    my sat nav (nv-u92t) wont connect, therefore i cant download camera sites or get free updates and I know this would work with xp.
    The sat nav itself is excellant but wheres the support?
    any advice would be much appreciated.
    all the best

  • If you have the time, could you please tell me how you managed to download the free safety cameras subscription that Argos gives. I have been on the Sony site and just keep hitting blank walls. It’s driving me mad. I don’t even know what they mean by ‘my profile’.

  • I have owned this (UK version) for 2 days. The screen is excellent (set the brightness to maximum in the menu). The “sticky gell” mount is superb – it would stick to ANYTHING without leaving a mark (on my Honda Jazz, it sticks to the dashboard like a limpet – it takes all my puny strength to prize it off!). Keep a cloth (I use a glass cleaning kit) handy to clean the attachment area. Without the cigar lighter lead attached, it looks like it came as standard with the car – real neat and classy. The battery only lasts an hour, so always take the car charger.

    The default route setting of “fastest” takes you miles out of your way to keep to the major roads – select the “shortest route” from the menu for sensible routing. You can request to avoid motorways. The literal computer will add a few additonal turns to cut off the odd corner to save a yard or two, but otherwise gives an excellent, sensible route.

    Downloading the speed camera data (1 year free at needs at least 2 PhD’s (I only have one, so took me ages to figure it out). Expect to go around in circles for 20 minutes or so (SONY take heed – TERRIBLE site). Contrary to the information given on the site, you will not find your model number on the base of the unit; it is on a sticker on the box. If you have thrown the box away by this time you are in trouble! There are a number of NV-U82 designations for different countries; the one for UK is NV-U82G.

    Contrary to the prof. review, the nice lady does not speak the road names. For major roads, the A/B name is spoken, (eg “turn right in 100 yards on the A354). You have the option the show road names on the map (got them all right pronto, even the smallest local roads). The display shows the road name you are currently on and the name of the next road at bottom left.

    Amazing how it shows the names of small pubs, cafes, major premises in our little villages (cafe JemAndI, Saints and Scholars cafe – just down the road). Cafes, chemists and petrol stations are all shown. Major premises such as large car vendors, museums etc. are shown and are a useful landmark.

    If you decide to detour from the nice lady’s instructions, she calculates the new route with adequate swiftness – no pannicky “do a U-turn” (unless you are in a supermarket car park – when off-road she assumes you are on the nearest public road).

    The kit comes with a pouch for the main unit but you will need a carry case for the total kit- display unit, mount, car charger and cleaning cloth (I use a spectacle cleaning kit) to keep the attatchment area (and therefore the sticky gell mount) clean.

    There is no mains charger. You can charge from your computer with the USB lead (only when your computer is switched on?). Best to get a mains charger – I have a universal charger which suffices (you need a charger of 5.2v with the central pin + [most universal chargers will cover this])

    Just wish it told me the curent speed limit with warning beeps if I am exceeding it (help keeps your licence!) – I think the TomTom does this.

    In summary, GREAT! Really pleased with it.


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