Sony PSP gets a £50 price cut


The Sony PSP certainly has its merits, but so does the Nintendo DS – and that’s considerably cheaper and arguably offers a better range of gaming titles. Well, the company has decided to redress that balance in some way.

You can soon pick up Sony’s handheld for £129.99 after a £50 price cut was announced. It will be applicable from Friday 4th May. That still doesn’t make it comparable to the better-selling Nintendo DS, it’s still £30 more expensive – but Sony would doubtless argue you’re getting more console for your cash.

The company also launched a new batch of lower-priced Platinum titles for the PSP, retailing for £14.99. Those titles are Ridge Racer 2, Tekken, Killzone, Loco Roco, and Moto GP.

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One thought on “Sony PSP gets a £50 price cut

  • That sounds like an awesome deal to me. There are to many ports and console like games on the PSP but there are still loads of unique games and some of those console type games are pretty good. DS has a huge library of games but to many of the same kind.

    I think Sony should now concentrate on the games. More than 2 years have past and its proven that people are not interested in watching movies on the PSP becasue the screen is too small for a movie. The web browser has sucked but I think has been improved in the cache memory.
    I cannot see how the camera and satnav capabilities will help improve gameplay. Satnav is a good idea if you own a PSP already but don’t have a satnav yet, but better satnav are getting cheaper all the time.
    Sony wants to get the few more features out of the way soon and then say thats it for updates lets just send out loads of games.

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