Sony launches Memory Stick PRO-HG range


Sony has launched its first Memory Stick PRO-HG products – an extension of the Memory Stick PRO range, when higher capacity is necessary.

Memory Stick PRO-HG media will be available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities. Offering 30MB/s Read/Write speed (240Mbps), it allows large amount of data to be quickly transferred, as well as the real-time recording of high-resolution video and still images. That makes it useful for Digital SLR, high-end digital camera, or digital video camera users who need to handle large capacity data.

Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo media are fully backward compatible with Memory Stick PRO host devices, and will also offer Read/Write speeds of 13MB/s (104Mbps) with conventional Memory Stick PRO compatible devices.

Also launched is a Memory Stick Duo ExpressCard adaptor MSAC-EX1, compatible with any notebook which includes an ExpressCard slot. The Memory Stick PRO-HG media, when used with the MSAC-EX1 adaptor and a PC equipped with an ExpressCard slot, offers high-speed data transfer of 30MB/s (240Mbps) – one hour of video taken by a Memory Stick HD Handycam in SP mode can be transferred to PC in approximately two minutes.

No price details as yet.

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Dave Walker