Seiko Electronic Ink watch – the watch of the future?


It might look like a bracelet, but that’s intentional – because this particular Electronic Ink watch by Seiko is being pitched as the women’s watch of the future.

The Electronic Ink watch is very much about the display. Using Seiko’s “Emotional Technology”, that display can have a variety of settings, including a clear ‘efficiency’ mode if you are in work or a ‘mystery’ mode when you’re out and want something a little more stylish. And with ultra-high contrast, the clarity is every bit as clear as a printed page.

Other features include an ultra-thin display, low power consumption (because no backlighting is required with such a clear display) and the option of making watches with an unrestricted size – with the one shown here, the display covers over two-thirds of the surface area of the watch.

Right now, these watches are just for show at various trade shows – but expect them to appear on the shelves in the very near future.

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Dave Walker
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