Sandisk Sansa Shaker – child-like MP3 fun

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You can have add all the functionality you like – but sometimes a basic MP3 player with an eye-catching look at a budget price is all you need. And that’s what you get with the Sandisk Sansa Shaker.

And it’s even got a unique selling point – the shake. Yes, if you get bored of the tune playing, give the device a shake and it skips a track – or two if you give it two shakes. You can also give the bottom a twist for much the same effect, or twist the top to change the volume.

There’s also a built-in speaker in the “lid” and two headphone jacks so you can share you music. Tunes are stored on the bundled 512MB SD card, which should mean 125 MP3s. And a single AAA battery provides 15 hours of power.

Yes, it’s aimed at children – but isn’t that all of us at some point? The player goes on sale in the US in the coming weeks, priced at $40.

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