PlayStation 3 sales soar – then fall like a brick


Well, after the hype comes the reality – and although Sony must be pleased with the early sales figure for the PlayStation 3, you wonder if there’s a worry about their decline.

In the first weekend of sale after the 23rd March launch, around 600,000 consoles were sold throughout Europe, including a whopping 165,000 in the UK alone. That compares to the 105,000 Wiis and 50,000 Xbox 360s Nintendo and Microsoft shifted in their own launch weekends.

However, week two was a different story, with sales plunging 82 per cent according to ChartTrack figures, which culls sales from most of the major retailers – to around 29,700. Whether this is down to shortages or a lack of a wider public interest isn’t clear – but there still seems to be plenty available at retail stores in my area. It could also be down to price – and if stock continues to sit on the shelves, that could be addressed sooner rather than later.

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