Pinnacle's new PCTV USB memory stick with TV tuner


pinnacle-usb-tv-stick.jpgUSB TV tuners are fairly common these days, but Pinnacle’s PCTV solution is a little different as it incorporates 1GB of flash memory, meaning that digital TV content can be recorded onto the device and played back on any computer without the need to install any software.

It also works as a traditional TV stick, allowing content to be recorded onto the PC’s hard drive.

The stick comes with its own mini remote control giving access to its main functions. Like other TV sticks, it can act as a PVR on your PC. It works with DVB-T signals.

Recordings can be made in either MPEG-2 or DivX format, with the 1GB of storage giving up to 3 hours of TV.

It costs just £69.99.

Pinnacle Systems

Andy Merrett
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