Nanotechnology the key to clean economy

Energy systems

nanotech.jpgThe use of nanotechnology in the future will reduce pollution, conserve resources and create clean economy, a new report claims.

Green Nanotechnology: It’s Easier Than You Think, created by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies group, explores how molecular scale engineering can reduce the environmental impact and waste of traditional methods.

“With greater ability to manipulate matter and tailor properties, it should be possible to make products and processes with reduced toxicity, increased durability and improved energy efficiency,” the report states.

For example, James Hutchison from the University of Oregon has developed a process for building nanoscale patterns on silicon chips using DNA molecules. This method uses less water and saves materials compared with traditional lithographic techniques used in the electronics industry today.

Researchers are also investigating ways to use nanoscale technology to remove the need for lead and other toxic materials used in the manufacturing of electronics.

Will Head
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