Lenovo unveils Olympic Torch for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


There’s plenty of hype around about the London Olympics, but before we get to that, we have the not-so-small matter of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to consider. And the build-up for that has already started, with the Olympic Torch unveiled by makers Lenovo.

Lenovo’s design, known as the “Cloud of Promise,” was chosen over 300 competitor themes and will be carried by torchbearers around the world in the Olympic Torch Relay that precedes the Beijing Olympics. According to Lenovo, it’s a sleek and modern design with historical Chinese symbolism – the theme is clouds, often represented in works of Chinese architecture, drawing and painting, furniture and story-telling.

The torch itself is made from a polished aluminum-magnesium alloy, measures 720 millimeters x 50 mm x 40 mm (28.35 inches x 1.97 in x 1.56 in) and is lightweight at about 1,000 grams (2.21 pounds). The official torch lighting will take place in Olympia, Greece, in March 2008, travelling to 20 countries around the world including the UK, France, USA, Australia, India and Japan, and then through Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau before visiting 113 cities in China to arrive at its final destination in Beijing on 8th August 8, 2008 to mark the start of the Games.

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Dave Walker
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