Kingston Technology and MyMemory launch Flash memory vending machine


If you are out and about, chances are you might need food or drink from a vending machine. But would you ever need emergency Flash memory? Well, just in case you do, there’s now a Flash memory vending machine at the North Terminal in London’s Gatwick Airport.

The machine and management is provided by MyMemory, while the contents are from Kingston Technology’s range of Flash memory products including, SD cards, CompactFlash cards and DataTraveler USB drives. If successful, the machines will be rolled out across “high-traffic public spaces” across the UK. And, I’m guessing, places with some sort of security to hand.

According to Ann Keefe, Director of Sales UK & Ireland at Kingston Technology: “Our consumers are telling us they want greater storage capacity for their mobile phones, digital cameras and USB drives to store music, images, games, videos and personal data. They want instant access to SD cards and USB drives as they need them 24/7, so vending machines in public spaces was the most obvious solution. We’re delighted to be working with industry leader MyMemory to meet this growing demand.”

Kingston Technology

Dave Walker
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