iRiver Clix 2 4GB MP3 player now available in the UK

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The iRiver Clix 2 is now available in the UK – a refinement on the well-received U10 player, with easy-to-use controls and just about all the functionality you could ask for in a media player in a body that’s just 16.4mm thick.

One selling point is the 2.2-inch screen – it’s AMOLED, a step up from LED, emitting light at a higher rate, reducing blurring and improved visibility on sunny days. And another plus is the D-click control system, which means easy operation by clicking the screen in four directions.

In terms of music, there’s 3D sound, seven-band equaliser, album art and a good range of format compatibility, along with FM radio and reservation recording – which allows you to record radio shows and play them back at your convenience. There’s also flash games (which you can download), image galleries, text viewing and movie playback at 30fps. And there’s support for podcasts and audiobooks

Available now, you can pick one up for £139.

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