iPod Fireplace – with built-in docking station and speakers

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Is there any end to the number of products that can have an “i” or the word “iPod” inserted in front of their name? Probably not if the iPod Fireplace is a success.

Yes, you read that correctly – an iPod Fireplace. The CalSpas FRP4300 fireplace (to give it the formal name) features a built-in iPod docking station coupled with four inch x nine inch flat speakers. And there’s a remote control too, which means you can impress visitors by skipping through your tracks via your fireplace.

I would guess that they would be more impressed with a nice stereo/iPod docking station, but there’s no accounting for taste. No news of price as yet, but I’m guessing we’re not talking cheap.

Calspas website

Via Born Rich

Dave Walker
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