iPhone? Nope, never heard of it

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apple-iphone-in-hand-thumb.jpgNearly half of Americans adults have heard of the iPhone, despite the fact it’s not even out yet, according to a survey. What’s more, 17 percent said they already wanted to buy one – something that will not doubt delight the accountants at Apple.

However, not everyone is jumping at the chance to get their mitts on Apple’s new baby – with only nine percent saying they’d be queuing up to buy one at launch. About 17 percent, however, were willing to wait until their current contract expires and a quarter would only buy it when their mobile company offers it.

Four out of ten people thought it was too expensive, though, and instead would wait for the price to come down.

Slightly bizarrely, the feature most people (37 percent) were after was its large storage capacity, followed by quad band support (36 percent). The shiny, much hyped interface only came in third at 31 percent.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, quizzed over 1,000 US residents aged over 18 online.

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