Inovix Imp-22 – pocket MP3 player with built-in FM transmitter

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Now that it’s legal to stream your music via an FM transmitter, it is logical that manufacturers will start to produce MP3 players for the UK that take advantage of the technology. And they have – with the Inovix Imp-22.

That means you can use the player to stream music to your home stereo or car stereo without having to buy a bulky add-on. The Imp-22 is the entry-level model to take advantage of the technology, offering basic playback of WMA and MP3 files, along with lyric display – and not much else. But if you just want a budget player, that should suffice.

Ravi Patel, Marketing Manager of Inovix comments, “The new legislation has opened the door to low strength transmitters, however, Inovix has not just followed the crowd by producing a transmitter as an accessory but have blazed a new trail by including the transmitter in the MP3 player itself.”

No price available as yet.

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