IDE Belt – an essential for the geek's wardrobe


Love your PC? Want to tell the world? You need to get an IDE Belt wrapped around your trousers.

Yes, just as the name suggests, this is a belt from from one-inch wide IDE cabling, adapted slightly for wear by adding a stainless steel clasp and a metal end finish. Good for men and women (though I can guess which sex will go for it more) and one size fits all.

If you’re ideal of high fashion is wearing a computer cable, you can pick it up for $16 (around £9).

Find out more at the Fractal Spin website

Dave Walker
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One thought on “IDE Belt – an essential for the geek's wardrobe

  • I’m not sure that you’ll catch me wearing one of these, but I think the concept is a really good one. I wonder what else will be lauched? A mouse necklace, a USB dongle brooch?

    By the way if anyone steals either of those ideas I want half the profits…

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