Google eclipses Microsoft as world's most visited web site

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google-half-logo.gifGoogle has overtaken Microsoft to become the most visited global web site and the most valuable global brand, getting 528 million unique visitors, compared to Microsoft’s 527 million. Yahoo came in third, with 476 million, followed by Time Warner with 272 million, and eBay with 256 million.

In the past, such a result might be a little ironic as most people arrive at Google to find information and leave. However, with Google adding a range of products and services to its core search engine offering, people are increasingly sticking around on its property.

Unusually, for a company that seems to enjoy sniping at Google (amongst others), Microsoft made no comment.

Google acquiring the Net’s most popular video sharing portal, YouTube, has done no harm to its rating either, although these unique users still spend only one-third of the time on Google than they do on Microsoft – 4.6 minutes compared to 12.8.

The result is based on measurements taken by comScore Networks.

Separately, an annual survey by Millward Brown valued Google’s brand at $66.4 billion, ahead of GE, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, based on the potential earnings of a brand and loyalty.

Andy Merrett
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