Five ways David Cameron can drive viewers to his YouTube site

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Tory leader David Cameron is always making a big noise about how web savvy he is. But while the fella may have the tools in his WebCameron site, it looks like he doesn’t have much of an audience.

Sister site Hippyshopper has been checking out his YouTube channel and has found that virtually no one is watching his vids. A green issues video he shot over a month ago, at the time of writing, had been seen by just 50 people.

So David, in the interests of ensuring you don’t lose your YouTube deposits, here are five quick ways of upping your viewer numbers.

1 Enlist small furry mammals – Well it worked for the otters.

2 Enlist Boris Johnson – Which is very similar to number one really. Boris does have an excellent YouTube predigree. Check out his widely viewed footy exploits here.

3 Spoof yourself – This vid has had about 20 x more viewers than any of David’s

4 Insert a USB connection – Guaranteed to get the techy boys excited. It worked well here.

5 Get a real YouTube star to interview you. Cameron put through the political mill by askagayman could be compelling viewing. Has David got strong views on vintage? We need to know.

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