Circulation Booster Mobile – keep DVT at bay


DVT (that’s Deep Vein Thrombosis) isn’t just a problem when travelling – research suggests it can also be a problem if you work long hours at a desk without regularly getting out and about. It’s called e-thrombosis – and it can be dealt with by using the Circulation Booster Mobile.

Described as being the size of a mobile phone or ipod, it will keep the circulation in your legs flowing freely while you tap away at the computer. It works by sending electrical impulses to stimulate the nerve endings and muscles in your feet and legs via “silver-woven socks”. And you’ll know it’s working by the tingle in your toes and the gentle pulsing and contracting in your calves.

If your life seems to demand one, you can pick up the Circulation Booster Mobile is available now for £99.

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  • Having suffered from type 2 diabetes for 41 years I have all the complications including neuropathy. The Circulation Booster was bought…to help alleviate the discomfort caused by the neuropathy in my legs. I was very sceptical.

    However after only a few sessions I began to have less stabbing pains was able to walk with more vigour. Also when using the machine before bedtime a much better nights sleep was had. Circulation has improved and generally I have a sense of well being. My wife now uses the machine to de stress!

  • I regularly have to fly with my work. I would always struggle to sit comfortably or sleep on the flight as I would get really restless. Also, trying to squeeze my shoes back on because of swelling was a nightmare – not a good look when in high heels! I bought the CBM which is awesome. It gives my muscles a real work out while i’m sitting (it’s comfortable) and I can sleep more easily. I have NO swelling and peace of mind that I am reducing the risk of getting a DVT. So, i’m chuffed to bits. I hear they now have glove applicators to! Now that would be a sight 🙂

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