British Internet users wasting time 'wilfing' online


A new report suggests that two out of three UK Internet users waste significant portions of time to irrelevant web browsing.

“Wilfing” is one of those irritating new technology-related acronyms that means “What Was I Looking For?”, and occurs when one goes online, and is too weak-willed to cope with the huge amount of information (and other assorted crap) presented to actually do or find what they intended.

A ‘wilfer’ loses two working days every month, according to who commissioned the survey.

Men are the worst culprits. Shopping sites are the biggest distractors, though a third of men said that wilfing through adult entertainment sites (used in that context, the acronym takes on a whole new connotation) had damaged the relationship with their partner.

“It’s important people do not allow unnecessary online distractions to get in the way when surfing the Internet, as it can affect productivity in the workplace and relationships at home,” said a focused Jason Lloyd, from

So, the moral is: Be careful what you wilf for.

Andy Merrett
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