Belkin to launch 802.11n Network USB Hub


Coming to the US in June and to Europe not long after is this useful Belkin to launch 802.11n Network USB Hub.

Useful because it makes it easy to access your USB-friendly add-ons, like printers, iPods, memory card readers and flash drives over wireless networks. There’s five ports on offer on the black unit – two on the front, three on the rear. And software allows you to access our choice of device as if it was plugged into your machine.

For example, if it was your printer, you could check ink levels and settings as you would with a printer attached by cable. It goes on sale in the US in June for $130, with a UK roll-out coming soon after at an (as yet) unconfirmed price. it will be Windows-only initially, with a Mac version to follow later in the year.

Belkin website

Via The Register

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  • Lightbulb moment: If you could access it while you were away from home through the internet, via your configured router… if you left your mobile phone at home and needed info, or a picture stored on it, you could have a bluetooth dongle attached to this thing, allowing you to access your phone which is laying on your desk at home while you are waiting for the train to take you to a meeting… or something.

    Assuming all this is possible. That would be good… assuming you forget your phone all the time, and leave the bluetooth on.

  • If this gadget would allow access to these devices remotely… ie from outside the local network over the internet, that would be a fantastic little addition to my home network. Being able to print to my home printer via my print server from anywhere in the world is good – but accessing any usb device in the same would be brilliant… though i can’t quite fathom yet what i would use it for.

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