Asus launches the bamboo Ecobook notebook


If you’re looking for tips on a greener lifestyle, you should check out Shiny Media’s Hippyshopper blog. And if you want to browse over to the site, you might want to do it with the Asus Ecobook.

Yes, it’s an eco-friendly notebook, housed in a bamboo casing, which is, of course, renewable. And there’s more, all the plastic parts are recyclable and easily labelled so they can be removed before disposal. And there’s no harmful paints, sprays or electroplating on its circuit boards either.

Want more? Well, there’s a components enclosure made from stiffened cardboard and easily upgradeable parts so that you can trade up rather than throw the whole thing away and buy a new one.

Set to launch next year, we’ll doubtless have much more on this nearer the launch.

Asus website

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