Waterproof digital wrist camera


There’s a good chance you would get arrested wearing this at your local swimming baths, but if you’re on holiday and want to capture some underwater scenery or sea life, you should check out the waterproof digital wrist camera from ThinkGeek.

You don’t have to be underwater, it works for any outdoor activity that needs two hands free – climbing, skiing or biking will spring to mind. But if you are in the sea, this is good up to 100 feet.

It’s a three megapixel camera, weighing in at 3 ounces able to take still images in three-shot bursts or video footage at 30fps. There’s 16MB of on-board memory, which can be extended via SD card and the whole thing is powered by 2x AAA batteries.

You can pick one up for $139.99 (around £70).

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Dave Walker
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