Top 10 gadgets to buy your mum for Mothers' Day

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winechiller.jpgQuick! Your mother doesn’t want flowers and chocolates this Sunday, she wants gadgets! Well, she does want flowers and chocolates, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t also throw in a high-tech pressie for Mothers’ Day.

With that in mind, here’s ten of the best gadgets that money can buy for the marvellous woman who brought you into the world. And if they’re not enough, check out ShinyShiny’s list of five additional gifts.

1. Wine chiller (pictured)
One of the perks of being a mother is you get to drink as much wine as you like, and NOBODY questions you. Well, not until it gets to two bottles a day, that is. This marvellous wine chiller takes just three and a half minutes to ensure a bottle of white wine is crisply chilled. It costs £59.95. BUY IT

2. Roll-up frying pan
Look, this list will be easy on the domestic tasks, as the times when mothers spent their entire day in the kitchen are Long Gone. But I couldn’t resist this frying pan which rolls up for storage purposes. Not only will it fit into cupboards more easily, but it makes an even more menacing weapon in any inter-parental disputes. Poor The Dad. MORE INFO

thebest.jpg3. The Best trophy (pictured)
She’s yer mum. She’s the best. So buy her a trophy to prove it for £29.95. BUY IT

4. Karaoke Groove Station
All mums love karaoke – especially when it involves causing maximum discomfort and/or public embarrassment to their offspring. At least this plug’n’play karaoke gadget means your mum can keep her caterwauling to the living room, as it plugs into the TV to provide pop-up lyrics. And at £49.95, it’s cheaper than buying her a PS2 and a copy of SingStar. BUY IT

5. Stiletto Door Wedge
Because it’s way more stylish than the usual blocks of wood. And it’s safer than trying to guess your mum’s taste in shoes. BUY IT

apron.jpg6. Geek Apron (pictured)
Admittedly, many mums are still blissfully unaware of HTML coding, so buying her an apron with GEEK written on it inside a pair of tags may require some explanation. But at least it’s cooler than the usual novelty aprons. MORE INFO

7. Electronic Eyezone Massager
Buying mum a day’s treatment in a swanky spa? That’s so 20th century, buster. What your mum needs is a high-tech eye massager that’s based on principles of Chinese acupuncture and magnetic therapy. It stimulates circulation to tone the tissue surrounding the eyes, reducing bags, dark circles and swelling/puffiness. Not that you should tell her she has any of these, of course. It costs just £14.95. BUY IT

8. Rabbit Vacuum Pump
FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T BUY YOUR MUM A RAMPANT RABBIT! It’s just wrong. Instead, this is the best rabbit-related gadget for Mothers’ Day, being a vaccuum pump that helps you remove excess air from a half-empty wine bottle, ensuring the remaining contents are fresh for another day. MORE INFO

ironman.jpg9. Ironman (pictured)
Shame on you if you’re still living at home, and get your mum to do all your ironing. So if you opt to buy her this gadget, which is an ironing board shaped like a man, make sure you stress that it’s so you can take on your fair share of the clothes-pressing duties. It’s £99.95, with a variety of covers. BUY IT

10. Retro Hair Straighteners
Depending on how old your mum is, she might soon be entering the danger zone of blue-rinsed permy pensioner-hood. Help her resist the lure of curly woe with these retro hair straighteners, which cost £34.99 and have been designed to look 1950s retro. Try to avoid making the joke that she might remember them from the first time round though. MORE INFO

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