The single best mobile phone review EVER printed

Mobile phones

samsung-e900-brooker.gifSorry Samsung, it’s your E900 that’s getting a right royal kicking from Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker in a piece titled ‘My new mobile is lumbered with a bewildering array of unnecessary features aimed at idiots’. That kinda gives you the general flavour.

“The whole thing is the visual equivalent of a moronic clip-art jumble sale poster designed in the dark by a myopic divorcee experiencing a freak biorhythmic high,” he says, before going on to suggest that “the government is offloading these twittering handheld crapstones on to as many people as possible in a bid to whip us all into a state of perpetual, simmering anger in readiness for some kind of bare-knuckle street war.”

Oof! Given Charlie’s previous explanation of why he hates Macs, if the Guardian has any sense, it’ll clear four pages for his iPhone review later this year…

Stuart Dredge
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