SoundArt – speakers become works of art

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Whilst some of us still persevere with clutter, a growing number want minimalism in their home – and big black speakers just don’t fit in. So there’s a good chance that SoundArt will have a ready-made market.

SoundArt is a slim-line speaker system disguised within a customised canvas. And it’s claimed to be an impressive sound system too – with a patented audio system creating sound waves that fill the room evenly.

Obviously there’s got to be wires somewhere, but how much is up to you, as you can add any music source (ipod, DVD, computer or stereo). If you’re clever, it shouldn’t be that noticeable. The art itself is from leading contemporary artists, but if that’s not to your taste, you can use your own images or photographs.

Prices for SoundArt start at £995.

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Dave Walker
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