Sony Ericsson launches W580 Walkman phone

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Yet another addition to the ever-increasing Sony Ericsson Walkman phone family – this time the W580 “lifestyle” handset.

It’s a slimline, quad-band slider phone (just 14mm thickness) with EDGE support, a 2-inch screen, enough memory to store 470 music tracks and a 2 megapixel camera that doubles up as a training partner for all you fitness fanatics.

According to Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson: “As well as letting you have your latest music with you at all times, the W580 steps in as your portable photo album and pocket gaming device. It will even serve as your training partner thanks to built-in sports applications that track running speed and distance.”

Specifics on date and price are still unclear, but expect to see it in the UK at some point later in the year – with more details of these “sports applications” too.

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