Sony claim European PS3 delays were beneficial


sony-ps3.jpgWith less than a day to go until the Playstation 3 finally launches in Europe, these words may not cause any more pain than Euro-gamers have already faced from the 4 month delay.

Far from being a disaster, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reeves, has said that the delay has been beneficial for Sony.

“It has been rather like taking a bottle of soda water and we’ve shaken it so hard over the last six months that when we take the cork off, it’s just going to explode,” he said.

I doubt that’s much consolation to fans who have been itching to get their hands on the next-gen console for months.

It’s a good job that someone on the inside has faith in Sony “getting
it right”, as Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer doesn’t seem so sure.

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Andy Merrett
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