Sonnet offers 2fit Mac protector and Carapace silicon keyboard cover


It makes sense after paying out a hefty pile of cash for your new Mac that you might want to protect it from wear or damage. Two new products fitting that particular bill are the 2fit laptop sleeve and the Carapace silicon keyboard cover.

The 2Fit sleeve is a form-fitting suede finish cover for Apple notebooks that help prevent damage to the computer’s finish. Each 2fit sleeve is constructed of microfibre material, custom-made for specific MacBook Pro and MacBook models. And it’s machine-washable.

The Carapace is a silicon keyboard cover for MacBook Pro or PowerBook G4, with a neat fit and a smooth touch for easy touch-typing. The 2fit retails for £21.99 and is available in 13”, 15” and 17” in black or titanium. The Carapace is available for £17.99.

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Dave Walker
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