Sandisk launches mobile phone-specific range of microSD cards

Mobile phones

Sandisk has a new range of microSD cards on the market – this time designed specifically for mobile phone downloads and known as Premier microSD cards.

Why so good for mobiles? Well, according to the company, they provide a faster transfer of content to and from their mobile phones as well as offering a sizeable amount of storage for all the things we now carry on our handsets – videos, music, ring tones, digital images and work-related documents. The Premier cards also feature SanDisk’s TrustedFlash technology, which allows network operators to sell premium content directly to mobile phones, stored on the cards and played on other TrustedFlash-enabled devices authorised by the network provider. Not sure I like the sound of that, but that’s probably because I’m a consumer.

The company will offer 1GB and 2GB cards, each with adaptors that to fit standard SD card slots. They retail initially in the US for $44.99 and $69.99 respectively.

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