Quik Pod – take the perfect snap of yourself


It’s a camera on a stick! Well, actually it’s just the stick – but the Quik Pod is quite a clever idea.

Here’s the problem. You and your partner are stood outside a famous monument and want to capture the moment. However, you don’t fancy giving your £500 digital camera to just anyone in the street in case they drop it, steal it or just make a mess of using it. Instead, use the Quik Pod.

The Quik Pod is a telescopic monopod that handles any camera or camcorder, allowing you to hold your camera at a distance to capture the moment. And even better, if you’re in a crowd and want a shot, use the Quik Pod to rise high above everyone else. Or for a really cheeky shot, use it round corners.

It’s lightweight, extendable (and retractable) and has a built-in self-image positioning mirror. You can pick one up for £19.95.

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Dave Walker
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