PS3 online gaming: it's a mixed bag

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motorstorm.jpgYou might still be able to walk into a high-street shop and buy a PS3, but nevertheless hundreds of thousands of people spent the weekend playing on Sony’s new console. Many of those will have gotten online too, whether exploring the PlayStation Store or playing against each other over the network.

PSPSPS has reported on mixed experiences when taking a couple of PS3’s launch games online. First-person shooter Resistance: Fall Of Man works like a dream, with loads of online modes but more importantly an efficient player-matching system that has you blowing strangers up within seconds. MotorStorm though? That’s another story.

PSPSPS’s rant about trying (and failing) to get some racing action online with MotorStorm has been reflected by gamer comments elsewhere on the Web. The problem is that players are left kicking their heels in the game’s lobby system, even when there are enough of them waiting to get a race started.

The positive view? Resistance will now offer a good model to publishers wanting to make use of PS3’s online capabilities. The negative view? MotorStorm shows that if they get it wrong, PS3 will be left lagging behind Xbox 360’s polished online experience.

Stuart Dredge
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