Philips reveal the future of amBX


Philips has been banging on about amBX since way back at IFA, promising a “totally immersive gaming experience” based on the Ambilight concept of throwing light around the screen in accordance with the subject. This extends for the PC gamer thanks to fans, a rumble strip and some kick ass speakers, and today Philips gave a sneak preview into the direction they believe the product is heading.

Currently, light, sound and touch are dealt with, but Philips believes that this could soon be extended to deal with things like smell. Apparently 10% of trialists even enjoyed getting small electric shocks from the ‘total immersion’ (reports that 10% of UK gamers are masochists are unconfirmed).

As well as extending the functionality of the amBX system, we can look forward to an increase in the platforms it can be used with. Current versions only work with PC gaming, but it’s hoped that by the end of the year, the same product will be available for gaming consoles. Philips also hypothesised that within 3 years, we will also see this extending to films. Apparently there are already several large studios very interested in it.

For the time being however, we’re still waiting for the initial product to ship, which should happen by the end of Q1. A variety of packages are available, ranging from 199 to 399 Euros, with the first amBX game, Broken Sword, to be included with each. It’s hoped that there will be 15 titles added to this by the middle of this year.

Susi Weaser
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