Parrot and Intel to launch wireless interface for UMPC and in-car audio systems


Bluetooth specialists Parrot has teamed up with Intel to develop type of in-car entertainment system, hooking up a UMPC to the car’s entertainment system.

The system will use a Bluetooth Gateway hidden behind the dashboard of the vehicle, allowing the the UMPC to connect automatically and the use of voice recognition and text-to-speech technology, which means you can theoretically access your address books, calendar or email as you drive up and down the motorway.

And with audio streaming, you can also playback the music on your UMPC through the car’s speakers, while passengers in the backseats could watch videos, surf the net, send instant messages or games.

No news of any cars taking this as standard, but the Intel/Parrot Bluetooth Gateway should be available through authorised dealers from the middle of 2007.

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