Maplin launches Freeloader eco-friendly solar charger


Maplin has unveiled its Freeloader solar charger, allowing you to charge your gadgets without contributing to the nation’s carbon footprint.

The lightweight Freeloader provides enough solar energy to power an iPod for 18 hours or a mobile phone for over 40 hours. But it’s not restricted to those devices – equipped with a series of adaptors and connectors, the Freeloader can charge anything from a digital camera to a Sony PSP.

And don’t worry about the sun, the Freeloader runs off daylight, rather than just direct sunlight, so it can charge at any time of the year. And it can charge whilst powering up, with a full re-charge of the internal Li-ion battery taking around 3-5 hours. Or if you’re indoors, you can power up via USB too.

Available now, it retails for £29.99.

Maplin website

Dave Walker
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