ITV adds new regions to Local on-demand programming


Local TV, you’ve got to love it. Usually hosted by the wacky bloke off the news and featuring that never-ending stream of local “characters”, it makes the rest of ITV’s output seem almost professional. Yet it’s strangely addictive – and often preferable to the succession of talent shows and lame dramas covering the rest of the channel’s schedule.

Which is why there could be some hope for ITV Local, the network’s on-demand TV service, which has just been extended to the London and Central regions after a succession trial in the Meridian region.

What you get is local news, documentaries, films and best of all – user-generated content – all when you want it via your PC. There’s few advertisements within the shows, but there are programme sponsorships and banner ads to pay the bills.

Whether your in the regions mentioned or not, you can tune in now, as long as you have Windows Media Player installed on our computer. Other regions should follow later this year.

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Via The Register

Dave Walker
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