iLuv i1055 multimedia player for iPods launches in the UK

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iLuv is launching its range of iPod add-ons in the UK, kicking off with the i1055
multimedia player
for the iPods for the UK market.

The i1055 multimedia player for iPods is really just for the iPod video, giving the option of watching your video clips on a seven-inch screen, with your iPod hidden neatly at the back in an integrated dock. You can also use the device for charging your iPod while connected to a mains outlet.

Even better – there’s also a DVD packed into the design for playback of movie discs, as well as CDs and MP3 CDs, plus an AV cable for playback through your TV. It all runs off mains or a rechargeable battery (around three hours of use)

You should be able to pick it up from a variety of high street stores, priced around £149.99.

iLuv website

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