If Microsoft buys Take Two, could PS3 lose Grand Theft Auto?


Okay, this is just speculation right now, but Microsoft is reportedly considering an acquisition of troubled publisher Take Two. That’s the same Take Two that owns Rockstar Games, which develops the Grand Theft Auto series.

Let’s say the deal is true, and it goes through. It presumably wouldn’t affect the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV, which is coming out for both PS3 and Xbox 360. But you’d have to wonder whether future versions would make it to Sony’s console. On the upside, PS3 owners might be spared any more Manhunt games…

The rumour shows the increased focus being placed on exclusive games for next-generation consoles, at a time when many publishers are keen to release their expensive next-gen games for as many as possible (witness Capcom’s announcement this week that Devil May Cry 4 will now be on PC and Xbox 360 as well as PS3).

Microsoft has form in the area of acquisitions to secure exclusives, of course – the company bought developer Bungie Studios in 2000, to get its hands on a certain first-person shooter called Halo…

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Stuart Dredge
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One thought on “If Microsoft buys Take Two, could PS3 lose Grand Theft Auto?

  • Here is a quote from Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Shane Kim:

    “We could never launch an acquisition bid at a third party publisher.”

    That was said to CNN Money a few days back.

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