Gucci to follow Prada in making a fashion phone?

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gucciphone.jpgRelax, fashionistas. It’s still just an internetweb rumour based on nothing more than a couple of photos on Flickr, which may well be mockups. Still, with Prada having already teamed up with LG for a mobile phone, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Gucci followed suit.

Where will it all end though? Surely it’s only a matter of time before Armani, Chanel and Dior throw their hats into the ring too, while Kate Moss is presumably set to unleash her dazzling clamshell (not a euphemism) on the world at the same time as her much-anticipated Top Shop fashion range.

Hey, Naomi Campbell could put her name to a handset with a specially-moulded throwing grip, for those troublesome PAs…

(via Engadget Mobile)

Stuart Dredge
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