Firebox 2007 Film Festival – send in a mini movie to win prizes

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So, you’ve got your camcorder, captured a few clips of the dog and your recent weekend away and now feel a bit more confident and creative – the Firebox 2007 Film Festival could be for you.

It’s a competition for us, the amateur filmmakers of the world. All you have to do is make a five-minute (or less) movie featuring one of the company’s products. Upload your clip, then wait for the results of the public vote. If you get the most views, £1,000 of movie-making software will be yours.

Or if you catch the eye of Firebox’s panel of critics, you could be walking off with £500 of gear from Firebox. Each festival entrant will receive an email when the voting period commences with links to where their film is being displayed so they can encourage people to watch and rate their films online.

So if you’re sat around this weekend playing with your camcorder or digital camera (as most come with a movie mode these days), why not put it to a more practical use? The deadline for videos is 22nd April 2007.

Firebox website

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