Devo – Freeplay's wind-up DAB radio


DAB radio is the soundtrack of my working day, but did you know you can pick up a wind-up DAB? It’s called the Devo from Freeplay.

Yes, you can expand your listening choice without harming the environment. Although in reality, a 60s-second wind will only provide three to five minutes of DAB listening (hardly enough for a BBC 7 play) or one hour of FM radio. But you can use it from the mains or give it a full mains charge, which offers six hours of DAB or 36 hours of FM. But defeats the object somewhat.

As a radio, it offers five presets, station information display, signal strength indicator, customised station order and stereo output/headphone sockets. Available now, you can pick one up for £89.999.

Find out more at the Freeplay website

Dave Walker
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