Contexture's 45 record iPod cases go bespoke

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A couple of months back, we featured the 45 iPod cases from Contexture – which as the name suggests, were iPod cases made out of old 45rpm records. They looked great, but there was a downside – the choice of record was limited. Well, it’s a problem no more – because the company is now offering a bespoke service.

Yes, if you have a favourite record, you can send it in and get it converted into a brand new iPod case. Saying that, I’m not sure why you would want to destroy your favourite record in this way. But I guess if it’s cheap, you can always pick up a spare from eBay.

“We have had a lot of requests for particular artists or songs since we launched the cases in January,” says Contexture co-founder Trevor Coghill. “This new service allows people to protect and decorate their iPod with the records they feel best reflect their individuality.

Made to fit iPods ranging from 20GB to 80GB, the cases are made of thermoformed vinyl records, recycled felt padding, cork and an acrylic glass window, with the centre hole of each case’s record positioned to fit exactly around the iPod’s click-wheel. Standard cases retail for $45, custom cases cost an additional $7 – plus the record.

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