Canon developing software to take blink-free photos


eye.pngPeople blinking in photos is a real pain (at least it avoids redeye I suppose), but Canon is planning to come to the rescue by developing camera software that will only take a shot when no-one is blinking.

Several manufacturers have already developed cameras with face recognition abilities; Canon’s ideal takes this principle further.

Given that this mind-boggling article suggests that once you reach a group shot of around 50 people, it’s well-nigh impossible to take a photo where no-one is blinking, this technology is going to be really interesting. What’s the betting the software never takes a photo?

For smaller groups, though, it sounds promising. Apparently Canon are also working on ‘Smile Shot’, which could potentially be easier to measure, so long as it can tell the difference between a genuine smile and a “Ouch! You’re standing on my foot” grimace.

(Via David Pogue at the New York Times)

Andy Merrett
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